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Original Oils, Watercolors, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Others

The fine selection of art ranging from decorative to investment quality covers a broad range of topics including wildlife, western themes, still lifes, landscapes, character studies and more. Styles vary from contemporary to traditional.

The work in the collection features artists such as:

Reproductions (Prints, Giclees, Photos and Others)

High quality signed, numbered and framed reproductions depicting the natural world and broad range of other subject matter are available through the Gallery.

Limited Edition and Original Bronze Sculptures

The superb investment quality first edition bronze sculptures depict a broad variety of styles and subject matter. First edition sculptures range from table top to monument size. Each piece comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Sculptors represented in the Gallery include many highly acclaimed living American Artists such as:

Bronze Replicas - Lost Wax Method

A large selection of traditional lost wax method bronze replicas by old master and living artists are available including the following:

Monument Size Bronzes

Over 120 monument size bronze statues depicting wildlife and other subject matters are available for purchase. Many are on display and may be viewed throughout the Zoo Grounds or viewed in Gallery Catalogs.


Specially created and one-of-a-kind bronze commissions depicting people, wildlife, pets or any other topic are accepted and available in table top to monument size.

* The Gallery offers for sale the largest selection of bronze sculptures in the Puget Sound area.